Media Agencies Make Mark as Content Creators

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Shops Have Been Behind Work From Branded Series to Apps, and Lines Continue to Blur

Ad Age, 4/25/11

Thirty-second ads? Long-form reality TV? Just a few years ago, media shops would be the last place you’d think such projects would originate from.

But as silos are slowly coming down within agency walls, traditionally defined roles are changing. So if a media agency has a great creative idea for a TV commercial, and the talent and tools to pull it off, some clients are going for it. Ditto for other big, outta-the-box ideas.

“It really doesn’t matter to us where the idea comes from or who champions that idea,” said Joe Kuester, senior brand manager for consumer-goods marketer Kimberly-Clark, which teamed with Mindshare Entertainment on a series of Whoopi Goldberg-starring webisodes to promote its Poise brand. “If it’s the strongest idea and we believe it meets the brand strategies and is aligned with consumer insights, that’s what we are going to execute against.”

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