Apple's unorthodox crisis management approach

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Macworld’s Jason Snell/Business Insider, 4/29/11

I knew Apple had a public-relations problem on its hands with iOS location tracking when I got the e-mail from my mom. “What about this thing with iPhone & iPad that Apple included that tracking system?” My mother is not a follower of technology news. If something like this story reaches her–and more troublingly, with a spin that Apple has included a “tracking system” on some of its iPhones and iPads–the story is in the water and is spreading far and wide.

At that point the story undeniably needed a response from Apple. The company couldn’t do what it usually does and just assume radio silence until the whole thing blows over. It needed some response to explain what was happening and why, to change the trajectory of the story.

Sound familiar? Sure. The same thing happened just last year with the iPhone 4’s “antennagate.”

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