Ulla McGee, VP-mobile products, IDG's PCWorld|Macworld

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Media Business, 4/29/11

Ulla McGee isn’t a production executive in the traditional sense. She doesn’t negotiate contracts with printers or go on press checks.

As VP-mobile products at International Data Group’s PCWorld|Macworld unit, McGee works on production’s new frontier: helping the unit and IDG as a whole create content and apps for the mobile Web.

The job is a relatively new one. Up until last year, McGee’s title was VP-business development, but it became apparent several months ago that mobile was occupying an increasing amount of her time. “I have really moved into a focus entirely on mobile products and mobile product development,” she said.

Because of its coverage of Apple Inc. and its audience of Apple fans, Macworld and Macworld. com have been at the epicenter of the seismic shift Apple has caused with its introduction of the iPhone and iPad. McGee was involved in Macworld’s first steps toward optimizing its website for the mobile Web as use skyrocketed after the debut of the iPhone. Earlier this year, McGee helped introduce the Macworld Daily Reader, its first native iPad app.

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