Mobile Printing Gains Momentum According to New Survey Findings from IDC

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Business Wire

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — As the mobile workforce continues to expand, so too do the opportunities for increased efficiency and productivity. In the hardcopy peripheral space, the proliferation of smart phones and tablet PCs will have a significant impact on print volume as more business users access information through their mobile devices and begin to demand certain print capabilities over the next five years. According to new survey findings from International Data Corporation (IDC), 39% of respondents say they travel for work, which represents a large and evolving workforce that has new requirements for print.

Those who travel clearly need to print and the IDC study found that moderate travel is most associated with increasing print volume. The research also found that smartphone users are eager to print from their devices. Fifty-two percent of respondents who use smartphones for work said they cannot currently print from their device, but want to. Read more

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