Advertising Industry Appoints New Head of Online Privacy

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Ad Age

Former National Advertising Initiative Exec Takes Charge of Self-Regulation Program at Critical Time

There’s a new person in charge of the ad industry’s online privacy program. The Digital Advertising Alliance, a consortium of ad trade groups, appointed Peter Kosmala to oversee its self-regulatory program About Ads, which allows people to opt-out of behavioral advertising.

Online privacy has become a front-and-center issue in Washington. Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) recently unveiled a comprehensive online privacy bill designed to meet the concerns of the Obama administration as well as the Federal Trade Commission. But the issue has become a contentious battleground between legislators, the ad industry and consumer groups. The appointment of Mr. Kosmala underscores the fact that this has become a full-time debate, which will have significant consequences on the future of online advertising as well as internet companies in general. Read more

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