Mobile’s share of email up 81% since October 2010: survey

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The share of emails accessed via mobile devices increased by 81% from October 2010 to March 2011, according to a survey released by Return Path on May 17.

“I think what really surprised us is the very rapid growth in mobile as a proportion of all platforms,” said Bryan Dreller, senior product manager at Return Path, an email certification and security company. “I don’t think we expected to see that in just a six-month period; mobile viewership relative to its peers would nearly double,”

Sixteen percent of emails were accessed via mobile devices in March 2011, up from 9.2% last October, according to the survey. Mobile’s share trailed webmail, which saw 48% of all emails accessed in March, and that of desktop (36%), although the shares of webmail and desktop did drop 4% and 2%, respectively, from October 2010. Read more

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