5 Reasons Why You Must Attend E3 2011


Every June the video game industry devotes its attention on one global convention: the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). While every E3 is important in its own right, this year’s E3 could very well be one of the most important in the history of the interactive entertainment to date.

1. 2011 Is the Year of the Gamer

The lifeblood of any industry is its enthusiasts; without them, an industry loses direction, creative focus and long-term vision. If the core audience of any industry begins to lose faith, so do those that work in it, support it and invest in it.

Last year’s E3 was a critical showcase for the industry. The convention came at a time when industry insiders were beginning to doubt whether mainstream consumers would make their presence known during the critical 2010 holiday season. E3 2010 delivered on those reassurances with the Microsoft Kinect and Sony Move. The resulting sales of both products saved the 2010 holiday season.

While thousands of gamers were dancing, singing and flailing our arms around at E3 2010, one could not help but notice a lack of focus on the core products.

E3 2011 will be much different. Read more

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