Infographic: How much does social media cost?

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More than $200,000, it seems for a comprehensive campaign. Do the benefits outweigh the cost?

With all the talk about social media, inquiring minds want to know how much a well-executed campaign will cost you.

About $210,600 in one year, according to this infographic from

Here’s how it broke down that number:

$52,000 for a social media strategist ($100 per hour, 10 hours a week)
$93,600 for a community manager ($60 per hour, 30 hours a week)
$15,000 to micro-build a site (with no existing platform)
$20,000 for a mobile app
$30,000 to micro-build a site (with no existing platform) also outlined the top benefits: customer engagement, direct customer communications, speed of feedback, and learning customer preferences.

So you tell me. Is it worth it?

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