Apple MacBooks top all Consumer Reports laptop categories


If you were wondering how good Apple’s MacBook line of portable computers are, the answer is simple — they are the top computer in every category on Consumer Reports.

Apple’s 11-inch MacBook Air scored a 62 out of 100 taking the top spot in the small laptop section. Scoring a 56, Gateway came in second while HP came in third with a 49.
The 13-inch model category was even worse for Apple’s competition. Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro took the top five of seven spots with Sony and Asus taking the final two.
The 15-inch category was much closer with Apple MacBook Pro taking the top three spots, but the competition did come in at just three points behind.
The 17-inch category was another big win for Apple. The MacBook Pro took the top two spots with the competition sharing the other six.

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