Mobile Gold Rush

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MediaPost/online pub insider

Sorry to be so crabby. But I have a bone to pick with the mobile-tablet industry and the media industry that is being sucked in by hype. Many mobile services companies will get rich selling the picks and shovels for this gold rush. But few media companies are going to profit like they could because so few have a serious digital foundation to build on.

Let me be clear. Forecasters say Apple may sell 45 million iPads this year, and total tablet sales may reach 70 million in 2011. It does represent an opportunity for the content industry, but competition for attention will be just as fierce on tablets as it is today on the web. Most media companies have not done the necessary dirty work with Internet publishing to succeed on the web. Why do they think it will be better or easier on a new platform that is made up of at least 4 incompatible operating systems? Read more

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