Interview: Brian Hansford Shares 5 Tips on Lead Nurturing for the Complex Sale

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Funnel Focus

In the B2B market, long, complex sales cycles come with the territory and can last anywhere from 6 months to 3 years. Therefore, lead nurturing is a critical part of many organizations’ sales processes. In the Lead Nurturing Cookbook, we offer a recipe for building long-term lead nurturing processes marketers can implement using their marketing automation platform. Brian Hansford, Founder and CEO of Zephyr 47, an agency that specializes in helping organizations implement and improve their lead management processes, participated as an “Guest Chef” on this recipe offering marketers advice on how to successfully execute a long-term lead nurturing program.

I caught up with Brian and asked him to expand on the insight he offers in the Cookbook and help you understand what factors are important to consider when building a long-term lead nurturing program. Read more

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