Marketers Get Primed for a Mobile Future

©IDG Communications, Inc. Photo contributed by Matthew Mikaelian.


Mobile marketing today seems a lot like web marketing 15 years ago. Just about everyone agrees it’s going to be big, but few concur on what approach will hold the most promise for brands.

Instead of obsessing over desktop browsers (Internet Explorer vs. Netscape), marketing and development teams are more focused on operating systems (Android vs. Apple’s iOS) and devices (tablets vs. smartphones). Like web marketing, however, success will hinge on a company’s marketing chops and technology prowess, its audience, and more.

Marketers and their teams are taking different routes to better understand mobile’s potential. And I got to hear firsthand about some initiatives as moderator of a panel discussion, “The Future of Mobile Marketing: Where Are We Headed?” at an event hosted last month by Morris + King, a public relations firm, and organized by IDG Strategic Marketing Services. Read more

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