Unseeing Is Believing At IPG’s New Media Lab


The New York-based Media Lab that Interpublic will officially unveil later this week houses an impressive array of state-of-the-art — as well as some next-generation — media technologies, platforms and experiences that are sure to wow even the most jaded industry wonk that walks through its doors. But the real power of the new lab isn’t what people will see blinking, flashing, and reverberating on its walls, floors and even in thin air, but what they will not see: an even more powerful “virtual lab” that is powering, and determining, what gets put in the lab in the first place. It’s also a new powerful tool that the global organization of Interpublic’s Mediabrands unit — everyone from planners and strategists at Initiative and UM to specialists in vertical operations like Ansible, Geomentum, Reprise, and Shopper Sciences — can use as a means of vetting what’s real and what’s not in the sometimes dizzying, hyper-accelerated world of media and technology.

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