The Networked Media in the Fragmented World

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Traditional media has been disrupted. Advertisers are faced with more options than ever to connect with their desirable audiences. Still the vast majority of online advertising spend is focused on large websites with the largest pool of audiences like Yahoo! or Facebook, along with premium publishers such as The Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Yet the significant amount of online content consumption is occurring elsewhere – on the millions of smaller, niche and lifestyle sites known collectively as the long tail. If we take a closer look in the past 15 years, the number of internet users grew from 39.6 million in 1995 to 1.96 billion in 2010, at the same time the number of websites grew from 23,500 to 255 million during the same period. That means the user per website ratio has dropped significantly from 1685 users per website 1995 to 7.7 users per website in 2010.

Long-tail Advertising at a Glance (Source: ContextWeb)

  • The long tail is growing: 162% increase in registered domain names between Q1 2005 and Q3 2010, from 76.9 million to 201.8 million (Verisign)
  • Average CTR lift vs. short tail: 24%
  • 76% of all publishers saw CTR lift in the long-tail
  • All advertiser verticals experienced CTR lift, ranging from 12% to 50%
  • Unduplicated reach in the long-tail: as high as 98%

The Rise of Self-Publishing
An explosion of online content largely due to the rise of self-publishing has created a fragmented landscape for technology marketers, with millions of buyers engaging with billions of pages of content. Our recent exclusive partnership with WordPress is one of most significant milestones of IDG TechNetwork’s commitment to help technology marketers gain access to the long-tail users and millions of blog sites. The latest stats (as of November 2011) show that on WordPress

  • There are over 67 million WordPress blog sites and over 100,000 new ones are created every day
  • Over 319 million people view more than 2.5 billion pages each month
  • WordPress readers produce about 500,000 new posts and 400,000 new comments on an average day

Audience Centric Media Network
These millions of users engaging with billions of pages of content have created a highlight fragmented media landscape for technology marketers. How can they connect all these niche sites to create the scale necessary for meaningful marketing campaigns?

IDG TechNetwork is the world’s first and largest online advertising network dedicated to providing a conduit for technology sellers to reach primed technology buyers on the long tail. These contextually relevant sites are where primed enterprise and enthusiast consumers – marketer’s best prospects – are researching and ready to make technology purchases.

Constantly innovating our product offerings to engage this audience in the most effective ways, we help marketers convert passionate users into passionate clients. Three audience networks– Enterprise, Tech Enthusiast, and Gamer — organized into 50 topical channels let marketers create efficient advertising buys that leverage user passion to create client conversion.

As the first and largest online advertising network dedicated exclusively to technology content, we connect tech buyers with tech sellers only in environments where primed consumers are researching or ready to make technology purchases

For client-specific solutions, The Tech Media Lab is our award-winning innovation hub, evaluating thousands of new technologies and securing leading content providers to create best-of-class, results-driven solutions for advertisers.

Our audience size is second to none, and engaging with customers around technology edit ensures a PRIMED audience. Innovative platforms and products allow your message to rise above the noise. These pillars enable the IDG TechNetwork to produce industry setting ROI for technology marketers.

Ekapat Chareonlarp is Vice President, IDG TechNetwork and Head of Tech Media Lab.
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