Top 10 Digital-Marketing Trends For 2012

©IDG Communications, Inc. Photo contributed by Matthew Mikaelian.

With fears of another economic dip in the coming months, it looks like marketers will once again be put to the test in 2012. But it’s not all bad news. ZenithOptimedia predicts major media U.S. ad spending will grow 3.5% next year. Naturally, that modest increase is going to be managed to the penny, with analytics tools and other types of technology working side-by-side to stretch budgets farther in marketing offices everywhere. “We are getting closer to a world as envisioned in the movie ‘Minority Report’ than most consumers could even imagine,” says Scott Morgan, president of marketing agency Brunner. So what does the new year have in store for cruising toward that vision? Following are 10 trends that will shape marketing in 2012.

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