Tablet use erodes PC time more than TV Time

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Tablets are displacing PCs and single-purpose devices, acting as a major disruptor in the digital home, according to a new Forrester report. In fact, 35% of US tablet owners use their laptops less frequently since getting a tablet, and 45% have no plans to buy an eReader now that they own a tablet. This is based on a Forrester survey of more than 5,000 US adults. But, while tablets are displacing these devices, the relationship with one home device, the TV, is much more nuanced. While 88% of tablet owners use their tablets in the living room, only 12% say they use their TV less frequently since getting a tablet. That’s because tablet and TV use is largely complementary: 85% of tablet owners use their tablets while watching TV, and 18% actually connect their tablet to their TV using an HDMI or VGA connector.

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