Report: The Fastest 4G and 3G Wireless Networks in America

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As SNL so masterfully parodied, TV commercials for wireless carriers are usually a mess of vague technical jargon, meaningless graphs and annoying spokespeople. But who actually has the fastest wireless network?

The editors at PCWorld decided to find out. They ventured to multiple spots in 13 different cities to test various carriers’ 3G and 4G wireless speeds.

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The big winner in the 4G category: AT&T, with an average download speed of 9.12 Mbps, ahead of Verizon’s 7.35-Mbps average. If you’re a content creator — i.e., if you are constantly uploading Instagram photos — you might want to go with Verizon, who had the highest average 4G upload speed of 5.86 Mbps.

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