Forrester says b2b marketers will increase budgets 6.8% this year

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Cambridge, Mass.—B2b marketers will increase their marketing budgets by an average of 6.8% this year, according to a report from Forrester Research. The report, “B2B Marketers Must Focus on Partnership and Experimentation as 2012 Budgets Rise,” was based on an online survey of 864 b2b marketing executives in North America and Europe, conducted in the fourth quarter.

According to the report, 27.0% of marketers will increase their budgets between 10% and 19% this year; 20.0% will increase budgets between 5% and 9%; and 18.0% will increase them between 1% and 4%. Sixteen percent of b2b marketers will boost budgets by more than 20% this year. The remaining 19.0% will decrease marketing budgets.

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