Make Your Content Pop with These 5 Bullet Point Basics

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Think of them as mini headlines – lyrical ensembles – the eye candy of prose. They’re called bullets. And these handy weapons, which are available in the arsenal of every writer, not only give a logical order to your thoughts, they also work to make your physical content easy on the eyes and much less intimidating for your readers. Unfortunately, their benefits are often underestimated – even overlooked – in an era where instantaneous connections are being forged and the need for speed has never been greater.
Web writing has, with few exceptions, put an end to the days of long-winded, verbose content, and has ushered in an era of quick, concise pieces you can read on the fly, while  still reaping the benefits of the information gathered. So, how can these little black dots help transform your copy from good to great and help you draw readers in? Here are some easy-to-follow bullet point basics that can help make your content pop from the page:

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