Mobile Web Usage Growing FasterThan Ever Before, says Latitude

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Mobile Marketer 

Mobile web traffic has increased 202 per cent over the past year, according to the latest Quarterly Mobile Report from digital marketing company Latitude. 11.5 per cent of all website visits in March came from smartphones, with a further 3.5 per cent from Tablet devices. Despite Android’s lead in market share, Apple still rules the roost on the mobile web. 70 per cent of visits come from an iPhone, compared to 24 per cent from an Android handset.

“The first quarter saw the fastest growth in mobile web traffic to date”, says Latitude CEO Alex Hoye. “Yes, mobile is growing rapidly, but what’s even more exciting is the way consumers are using and engaging with their devices. There’s a huge difference in the way PCs, Tablet and mobile are being used to access the web, ranging from the solitary, task-based user experience of the PC to the localised, personal browsing experience of the mobile.”

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