Digital Challenges, But Traditional Still Tops With Agencies

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Bolstered by political advertising, TV attracted the most ad dollars in early 2012,  But Social is starting to steal the spotlight from Online Display, as Digital has clearly matured in campaigns. According to a new Strata quarterly survey of leading agencies, the advertising economy is positive and appears to be back to a new normal. The study found that 64% of respondents said their customers’ approach to ad planning is the same as last year (the most since the start of the survey). The advertising industry was consistently steady in the first quarter, with 51% reporting growth will be the same as the last half of 2011.

The survey found that only 11% of agencies see their business decreasing, which is the lowest percentage since the start of the survey. A third of the agencies surveyed plan to hire staff and only 20% said their clients are making cuts to planning, which is the least amount since 2008. The top agency concern is client attraction.


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