Online Video Ads Grow 2.5 Times in April from Last Year, Time Spent 46%

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Our appetite for online videos — and the ads that accompany them — keeps growing. The amount of time spent watching online video grew about 46% in April compared to the year before, according to an analysis of comScore’s just-released April 2012 online video viewership figures. Interestingly, comScore’s data reveals that while the number of unique viewers rose only 5% — from 172 million in April 2011 to 181 million in April 2012 — they are watching a lot more video. Internet video viewers watched about 21.8 hours last month — up from 15 hours the year before, representing the 46% rise.

The number of video ads viewed online rose to 9.5 billion for April, up from 3.8 billion the year before — an increase of more than two-and-a-half times. Plus, the 9.5 billion ads is a 14% rise from the 8.3 billion ads delivered just one month ago in March.

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