Google report ranks content verticals, countries by ad impressions

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As report after report shows us, Google controls nearly half of the global online advertising market. So you can imagine that it has reams of data from which to extract insights. To give publishers a window into those vast stores of data, the tech giant today released the first of what it says will be a series of publications that mine information collected from across its display advertising properties, including DoubleClick for publishers, the DoubleClick ad exchange and the Google AdSense network. Using data sets containing tens of billions of impressions served by publishers around the world, the report ranks content verticals by ad impressions and CPM. It also looks at trends in mobile Web and video ad impressions, as well as geographic patterns.

For example, Google found that, in 2011, Arts & Entertainment was the top vertical in monetized impressions across AdSense and the Ad Exchange, followed by Online Communities and Games. However, Shopping, Sports, Pets & Animals and Auto & Vehicle sites were among the verticals to experience the fastest year-on-year growth. Despite its high impression ranking, Online Communities saw a double-digit decline, as did the Business & Industrial and Reference verticals.

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