Revealed: The jobs that will be wiped out by cloud computing

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As businesses switch to cloud computing demand for some traditional IT roles will plummet – but new, different jobs will be created instead. Tech industry experts are predicting that demand for certain tech roles will dramatically decline over the next decade as organisations switch to cloud computing. By 2020 the majority of organisations will rely on the cloud for more than half of their IT services, according to Gartner’s 2011 CIO Agenda Survey.

After organisations have switched to the cloud the number of staff needed to manage and provision individual pieces of IT infrastructure – the likes of networks, storage and servers – can be scaled back, as much of the virtualised infrastructure that cloud is built upon can be automated. The upshot will be whereas 70 per cent of IT resources are devoted to operating IT infrastructure today, by 2020 just 35 per cent of resources will be used in operations, according to the Gartner report New Skills for the New IT.

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