The Mobile Opportunity for B2B Marketers

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Business-to-business brand marketers need to consider mobile advertising, according to eMarketer, which claims that mobile display is a springboard into mobile content offerings. With business professionals turning to mobile devices and tablets at a faster rate than the average consumer, B2B marketers need to be part of the action. According to a Google study, mobile drives business communication. In fact, it is the primary communication tool for 56 percent of executives.

Ironically, B2B companies aren’t rushing to get onto the mobile advertising bandwagon, although there are a few exceptions. For example, Citrix Online developed a business iPad app, wanting to drive app downloads and generate trial registrations. With help from its agency, Mediasmith, Citrix targeted small-business owners through a mobile display campaign, with impressive results. Cost-per-download was less than 10 percent of the estimated customer lifetime value, beating internal benchmarks. As a result of the campaign, the Citrix Online app ranked in the top three in the business category of the App Store. The mobile ads also drove trial registrations and leads to CPAs (cost-per-acquisitions) that were 40 percent less than internal benchmarks.

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