The State of App Advertising – Rich media ads have greater traction in apps than on the web

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In the heyday of print advertising, the rules seemed simpler. Competition from television, radio, and other forms advertising was a factor, but each medium was distinct—with its own attributes, value propositions, and measurements. The Web changed all that. Along with the suicidal dilemma of free editorial content, the Web brought in a whole new (and volatile) system of measuring success. Impressions,  “eyeballs,” and other metrics became a science—more or less—while the value of traditional display ads seemed to founder.

If early indicators prove true, the rise of multi-function tablets is about to change all that. Although lacking the screen real estate to fully bring back the visual impact of a full color display ad, tablets bring a different level of engagement to advertising. Advertisers are only just beginning to realize this potential.

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