The Other Futures of Enterprise IT

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Wall Street Journal CIO Journal

Technological change has always outpaced change within the IT organization. Until now. Between cloud computing, big data, consumer IT, executives feeling capable of making more of their own technology decisions, and the ongoing business pressures for speed, agility and innovation, executives are eager to rethink and reinvent the IT department.

In our survey of 152 senior business executives and 162 IT executives, more executives singled out the IT organization than any other as the function they wanted to rebuild from scratch.  Half will revamp their IT organization in the next 12 months. Give CIOs credit. Even more than other executives, they realize the status quo can’t hold. Forty percent of IT executives picked their own function as the prime target for reinvention. The danger isn’t that executives won’t take action. It’s that they will build their new IT organization and architecture, and rewrite the CIO’s job description, upon a shaky assumption:  the future is sure to be flat, connected and tech-enabled.

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