Online video engaging, but is advertising?


New data out from NPD Display Search finds about 70% of people are now engaging with video content outside of the traditional television set. Tablet viewing, especially, is pushing more content engagement, with views more than doubling in many areas. Viewing video via tablet, smartphone or PC are three ways viewers are staying in contact with entertainment, news, sports and other content.

“While the trends vary by region, it is evident that consumers around the globe are watching more video and TV content with their portable electronic devices as these provide additional means of accessing content,” said Riddhi Patel, Research Director of Consumer Insights for NPD DisplaySearch. “Despite this increase, however, TVs still remain the primary device of choice for viewing TV content, with 30% of consumers reporting that they view TV/video content on TVs alone.” But, just because people are watching content, they aren’t necessarily also watched video ads.

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