Mobilizing the Web Should Be Brands’ Top Priority

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What’s the biggest challenge in mobile marketing today? Many would say that’s like asking which star in the heavens is the twinkliest, or which grain of sand on a beach is the grittiest. But I think there’s an answer, at least from the perspective of brands’ embrace of mobile.

Too many companies still believe that because smartphone browsers can render web content, their existing website can serve them equally well as a mobile landing page. In reality, anyone who has navigated to such a PC-optimized page on a phone knows that while the content may render, web pages designed for PC screens will be squashed down, requiring the viewer to “pinch and pull” to zoom in on sections of a page. Some components may not appear at all. And the whole thing may be unappealingly slow to load. The user experience can be adequate, but it’s hardly enjoyable, and companies that rely on it miss opportunities to build better relationships with their mobile customers or prospects.

What does the IAB mean by a “mobile-optimized” website? Four things:

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