Smart Device Screen Size Has Little Effect on Clickthroughs

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When offered a choice of device, those seeking to browse the internet while on the go are likely to choose tablets over smartphones due to the larger screens offered by the former. But devices with larger screens do not necessarily result in a higher clickthrough rate (CTR) on ads, according to an analysis of data gathered on US users of mobile ad network Jumptap over Q1 2012.

The study examined the CTRs earned by eight mobile devices, the largest being the Samsung Galaxy Tab (10.1 inches), and the smallest being the Sony Xperia Mini (2.5 inches). The Kindle Fire, with a middle-of-the-pack, 7-inch screen, had the highest CTR—1.02%. The iPad, with a screen size of 9.7 inches, had a CTR of 0.90%. The iPhone, whose four-inch screen is less than half the size of an iPad, garnered a CTR of 0.84%. In fact, the device with the largest screen, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, had a middling CTR of 0.53%. It seems there is no clear correlation between device screen size and a user’s inclination to click on an ad.’

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