Infographic: Employers that do and don’t like social media

©IDG Communications, Inc. Photo contributed by Matthew Mikaelian.

Most are open to it—as long as the company has a social media policy. Here are the industries that are the most and least receptive to social media. How do employers really feel about social media? An infographic from PayScale says employers like how social media can help promote their brands, but are hesitant about how employees use it. A slip up or negative comment from one employee can snowball into a PR mess.

To keep things under control, 53 percent of employers have a formal social media policy in place, but 42 percent say still say no to any use of social media. Which industries claim the most companies with a social media policy? Retail (65 percent), manufacturing (62 percent), and business support (59 percent). While more than half (59 percent) of media companies actively encourage employees to use social media, a whopping 71 percent of energy companies prohibit any use of social media at work.

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