Metrics in the Social Media Era

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Social media is changing not only how brands and publishers market to consumers, but it is also changing the way that they operate altogether. This is the fifth article of an eight-part series dubbed “The Social Operating System,” which explores how advertisers, agencies and publishers are leveraging social media to build audience and engagement. The series is made possible through the sponsorship of Vitrue, a provider of social media management services.

The onset of social media is changing the way that marketers are measuring the success of their efforts. No longer are click-throughs enough. And it’s not just about the numbers anymore either. There’s a new metric in town, and it is called engagement. The only issue is, it is hard to tie engagement back to ROI. Digiday talked to members of the digital industry and asked them all one question: How has the onset of social media forced brands, agencies and publishers to rethink metrics?

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