Online Publishers Association Study Reveals Attitudes of Today’s Tablet User

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OPA news release

NEW YORK — The Online Publishers Association (OPA) has released “A Portrait of Today’s Tablet User – Wave II,” a study unveiling a range of trends on the attitudes and behaviors of tablet users. Accessing content and information was found to be the dominant activity on the device (94%), followed by accessing the internet (67%) and checking email (66%). The study also revealed that tablet users’ primary content-related activities include: watching video (54%), getting weather information (49%), and accessing national news (37%) and entertainment content (36%).

The OPA collaborated with Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc. to conduct the study. Magid fielded a nationally-representative online survey of 2,540 people, ages 8 to 64 years old between March 19 and March 26, 2012. The survey found that current U.S. tablet adoption is at 31% in 2012 (74MM tablet users), up from 12% in 2011 (28MM tablet users) and is expected to reach 47% (117MM tablet users) by Q2 2013.*

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