CIO IT Economic Outlook

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IDG’s CIO, the executive-level IT media brand providing insight into business technology leadership, reveals the CIO Magazine IT Economic Outlook results for April 2012. The study shows that IT investments in the United States are rebounding since the economic uncertainty (i.e. downgrading of US bond rating, European economic instability) in August 2011, with half (47%) of organizations increasing their IT budget in the next year, compared to 32% in August. While more organizations are anticipating growth in the next year, budget increases are modest at 3%, compared to 6% a year ago (April 2011).

The survey, completed by more than 200 heads of IT from a range of industries, states that organizations are increasing investments in mobile/wireless (50%), applications (49%) and IT compensation (48%); technology areas that can drive competitive advantage. Over the next three years, investments in “edge” technologies, including mobile, cloud and social, will continue to grow from one quarter (25%) of the IT budget to more than a third (37%). The majority (70%) are increasing mobile investments to improve employee productivity.

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