The Must-Have Big Data Tools


In the column, “Claiming your Unfair Advantage, I describe four types of “Big Data” tools. Before I elaborate on these tools, I want to share a lesson from my friend Mark Huffman of P&G. When Mark joined the world’s largest advertiser in 1984, it was all about data analysis. “In God we trust,” one P&G marketer told him, “all others bring data!” Today, Mark is executive production manager at Procter & Gamble and is responsible for all integrated marketing. At SES New York in March he was on the integrated marketing keynote panel and discussed the most important tool at P&G in the war with big data, and that is the “big idea.” P&G relies on its huge marketing research library and access to large volumes of consumer behavior to deeply understand consumer insights. But he warned marketers that the big money is not in just having the data – it is in discovering and executing on big ideas that come from those insights.

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