Tracking report: Google And Facebook Rule The Data Waves

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Have you taken a look at your Ghostery tool lately? The little tool that tracks the number of trackers on your Browser’s current Web site has been working overtime in the last year.

In fact according to a new report from Krux Digital, the number of tracking incidents on the top media Web sites has grown 400% in the last year.  A related global survey by Evidon, one of the companies that facilitate the Ad Choices icon and service for ad nets, agencies and publishers, showed similar expansion. In their look at who is behind the massive reach of online tracking, however, the company found two clear data “winners.” When it comes to frequency and reach of trackers around the Web, the top five spots are occupied either by Google or Facebook. In fact using a “Commonality Score” that indexes the the actual depth and breadth of its presence around the Web, Google Analytics registers a staggering 398.6, compared to the next most common tracking element, Google AdSense, which scores 50.4. These measurements are for Q1 2012.

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