Can Display Get Emotional?


Four of the best brains in display advertising say it’s a format that has plenty of heart — and that it will continually improve its ability to resonate with customers, creating a bond as well as a click. OMMA’S Carrie Cummings gets Neal Mohan, vice president, display advertising, Google; Dean Harris, managing partner, Silvermine Marketing; Corey Gottlieb, managing parter, Targeted Social; and Ekapat Chareonlarp, vice president, IDG TechNetwork talking about display’s soft spot.

Will display ever evoke emotion in users? When? How?

EC: Yes. For a long time, display has become more like a guy handing out flyers on the street than a storyteller as it was meant to be. As part of the industry, we have put metrics to measure how many flyers we get out on the street rather than metrics around user experience and how the story connects with users. I see this changing as rich media becomes a standard for the display business. More beautiful content, more relevant and more pleasant experiences are being introduced via display in unique ways. iab’s Rising Star units marks the era where display gets smarter and more beautiful and begins taking advantage of more human senses rather than just visual (sound, interaction, etc). With digital video replacing tv (Netflix, ted, Hulu), I would say in about five years, we will see more display/video ads become more effective in connecting brand emotions with users and having standardized ways to measure it.

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