Mobile Opportunities Missed Without Stronger Multichannel Integration

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Platforms continue to create a fairly easy process to buy mobile media, but marketers don’t understand the mechanics of integrating media channels and technology. Many still drive mobile ads to a Web site or landing page. Retailers don’t recognize that consumers carrying smartphones stand within 200 feet of their stores, and it’s helpful to retarget a display ad on a publisher’s site or serve up a search ad on Bing, Yahoo, or Google Local or Maps to drive foot traffic into the store. TagMan CRO Nancy Marzouk said the company tested mobile app tag management for iOS and Android that it plans to roll out at the end of July.

“A large percentage of the ecosystem remains clueless about the possibilities of mobile,” she said.”We pushed to develop a mobile tag management system, because a lot of clients believe it’s undervalued, but they don’t have the tools or data to validate it.”

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