Does social media necessitate a 24/7 agency?


It’s 2:00 p.m. on Sunday. Your brand is buzzing on Twitter and there may be an opportunity to capitalize. Do you know where the folks at your agency are at? While anybody who has worked in agency world for any length of time is familiar with long hours and grueling schedules, there’s a decent chance that the people you need to reach on that hypothetical Sunday afternoon aren’t sitting in front of the office at a computer manning your company’s social media dashboard.

Brian Mandelbaum, an agency executive who has worked at Razorfish and Saatchi & Saatchi, believes that needs to change. So he’s starting a social media-focused agency that promises around-the-clock staffing to ensure that its clients can respond to buzz — good or bad — whenever it strikes.

Mandelbaum tells AdAge that while many agencies are technically 24/7 operations due to their global footprints, most don’t have the social media expertise to effectively manage their clients’ social media presences. There’s also the issue of which offices handle which clients; a client may have a global agency, but most of the time, one or two offices are responsible for its account.

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