Third-Party Cos. Can Sell Google Cloud Services

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The ability for consumers to traverse from one device to another and for brands to target ads cross-platform will require cloud services to store data and content. Google has announced a partnership program that allows third-party companies to use and sell its cloud services. The move identifies a need for a closer working relationship between marketing, advertising and IT to support data and Web services.

The company divided the partner program into two categories: Technology Partners provide tools that integrate with its platform. Service Partners provide advice and implementation options to use cloud services, aimed at supporting business, mobile and social apps, so companies can dig deeper into business intelligence. At the MediaPost OMMA Data & Targeting conference in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Christopher Snyder — president at Juhll, a marketing agency — said all his company’s offerings rely on cloud services. “We’re a 10-person shop, so I feel we don’t have a choice,” he said. “If the office burned down tomorrow at least all of our work would be saved. We’d only lose furniture.”

Snyder said it doesn’t make sense to store content on a server anymore. Similarly, IDG Tech Network Director of Marketing Danielle Krieger grabs and shares content with internal clients on a cloud service.

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