The world’s largest display platform highlights Apple’s peripherals and accessories- Chip Makers Focus on Cheaper Phones

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The Wall Street Journal

A key battlefield is emerging for suppliers of mobile chips—the low-end smartphone market in developing countries. Chip makers like Qualcomm Inc., Intel Corp. and Taiwan-based MediaTek Inc. are focusing on low-priced phones that typically cost less than $200, because the fast-growing market offers high volumes of sales. As a result, the companies are working with handset vendors in China and other emerging countries to increase their presence in the segment.

Qualcomm, the world’s dominant provider of wireless chips, has been working of late with Chinese electronics maker Lenovo Group Ltd., and the two last week introduced a couple smartphones that use dual-core Qualcomm chips typically reserved for pricier phones. While the devices from Qualcomm and Lenovo aren’t the first dual-core phones to hit the Chinese market, they are the first from Qualcomm to address the market’s low end.

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