Demand for Mobile Impressions Through RTB Jumps During H1

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Advertiser and demand-side platform demand for mobile ad impressions (both in-app and otherwise) through real-time bidding (RTB) rose from 0.4 bids per impression request in January to 1.6 in June, with a peak of 1.7 in May, according to an August 2012 report from MoPub. That competition drove volatility in auction win rates early in the year, from a low of 18% in January to a high of 53% in February, stabilizing at 37-38% in the last two months of H1.

Comparing the major operating systems, the report finds that iOS commanded the higher eCPM over Android in Q2, with the former ranging between $0.80-$0.91, compared to the latter’s range of $0.39-$0.52. Relative to the average eCPM, iOS commanded between 17% and 23% above the average, compared to Android’s 33%-41% below-average.

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