Marketers Prioritize a Globalized Digital Presence- Marketers add regional, language support for broader appeal

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Companies around the world are looking outside their home countries for new markets to penetrate, and digital channels can make doing so easier. A website can reach potential customers around the world—as can a presence on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. But without content customized for different regions and languages, a digital presence can seem lacking.

According to research from online presence management firm Limelight Networks, a customized presence is difficult to create and maintain. In a May survey of US-based marketing executives, Limelight found 28% of respondents were currently managing six to 10 regional websites, while 32% managed even more. Many planned to add further regional sites as well as additional language support. But resources are a major constraint. The marketers surveyed said their biggest challenges included the multiple platforms needed to manage such a wide-ranging digital presence, as well as staffing and budgetary issues.

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