Ad Execs See Opportunity In iPhone 5

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The subject of endless speculation finally arrived Wednesday with the unveiling of the iPhone 5 at a ritual Apple event in San Francisco, led by CEO Tim Cook. As expected, the company rolled out its signature device with a larger display, improved camera and 4G LTE networking all wrapped in a thinner body of aluminum and glass.
Given the months of rumors and leaks ricocheting around the blogosphere leading up to today, there were few surprises left as to what the latest iPhone would offer. There was no novel addition like Siri in the iPhone 4S or controversial new design feature like the external antenna. Still, digital ad executives and analysts expect the iPhone to lure new customers and provide a richer canvas for mobile campaigns and m-commerce. Forrester analyst Charles Golvin noted that competitors like HTC and Nokia already offer some of the features Apple debuted Wednesday, like those for imaging. “But Apple still outpaces the competition when it comes to the entire package — the new iPhone unites significant improvements in industrial design, imaging, audio and connectivity, along with the wealth of new capabilities that iOS6 enables,” he wrote in a blog post today.

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