3 Digital Marketing Trends To Watch in 2012 and Beyond


Chances are on any given workday, marketers take advantage of a social feature, channel, tactic, or strategy that didn’t exist 12 months ago. An accelerated rate of change has always been a hallmark of social marketing, and with this in mind, eMarketer published a study in this area, Top Digital Trends for 2012. It explores digital marketing trends in 2012 and beyond, and predicts dramatic industry changes as both the hardware and software platforms of choice shift in favor of mobile devices, social media sites, and dynamic content. I was particularly struck by three key ideas:

1.         Companies are no longer satisfied with standard social media success metrics

2.         Magnetic content allows companies to succeed in the social and digital spaces

3.         2012 will see a dramatic increase in Smartphone and tablet users, as well as an increase in online video consumption

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