Where Facebook Is Looking to Grow: COO Sheryl Sandberg

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For the first time since Facebook’s IPO, COO Sheryl Sandberg sat down for an exclusive interview to talk about what’s happened since the social network went public, and where she’s taking the company next.

With Facebook shares [FB  21.8701     0.0401 (+0.18%)    ] off some 40 percent since its MayIPO, Sandberg had no choice but to address the company’s stock price. “We’re obviously disappointed and really surprised by what happened in the IPO,” Sandberg said.  (Read more: The Man Behind Facebook’s IPO Debacle)

She wouldn’t say whose fault the IPO was, saying that she is focused on things that she and the rest of the management team can control. “We’re taking that energy and really focusing on proving to the world that we can continue to grow our business, continue to grow our users and their engagement, and build a great company, not just for a quarter, but hopefully for decades and decades.”

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