6 Ways Brands Build Trust Through Social Media


Using social media for business marketing has been a hot topic for years now, but brands are still trying to harness the power of the digital socialsphere to discover the best ways to directly impact their bottom lines. As social media use advances, so does the frequency in which brands are reaching out to their audiences to engage them through these channels. One tactic that might be lost in all of this is the importance of using social media channels to build trust with your current and potential brand advocates. As a Navy SEAL, I learned about the importance of team and trust early on.  As humans, without trust, our relationships can never go past a certain level. The same goes for brands building relationships with consumers.

Before true customer engagement can happen, companies must first build a social media dialogue that leads to a trusting relationship. How do they do this? In this week’s post, I teamed up with Internet Marketing Inc.’s social media expert Carrie Peterson to develop tips on how brands can build trust through social media. Trust is the most crucial element of social media, but it’s where brands continue to fall short right out of the gate.  The following are six ways brands can begin to build trust through social media.

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