1 in 5 Americans Consider Themselves Early Tech Adopters

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While 19% of Americans are eager to be among the first to try new technology products and services, the remaining 81% prefer to wait for those products and services to catch on, according to November 2012 findings from Ipsos. This puts Americans well below the global average of 25% who prefer to be early adopters. Predictably, younger Americans are the most avid early adopters.

Comparing regions, consumers in North America, at 18%, are the least eager to be first in line for new technology products and services. Consumers in Latin America and the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) are the most enthusiastic, at 31%, with the Middle East and Africa not far behind at 29%, and Asia Pacific at 28%.

Europe and the G-8 countries rank below-average as well (21% and 20%, respectively), suggesting that in well-developed regions where strong legacy systems exist, there is less of an urgency for new technology than exists in emerging economies.

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