Facebook overtakes Google in mobile display ad revenues

Mobile Marketer

Facebook has emerged as the leader in mobile display advertising as marketers shift ad spend to the platform much quicker than expected, according to a new report from eMarketer.

The social media giant is expected to generate $339 million in mobile ad revenue this year, up significantly from previous estimates of $45-$100 million. Facebook is expected to have an 18.4 percent share of mobile ad display revenue for the year compared with Google’s 17 percent. “Major ad publishers are strengthening their offerings much faster than previously expected,” said Clark Fredricksen, vice president of communications at eMarketer, New York. “I don’t’ think anybody thought after the second quarter that Google and Facebook would be in position that they are now in the mobile ad marketplace.

“It is really clear for marketers that they are able to potentially leverage the audiences on Facebook, Google and Twitter more effectively than they may have been at the beginning of the year,” he said. “On the display side, the key finding is that the companies that have integrated ad products into their core user experience have shown it is very effective to do this because they can seamlessly deliver ads across devices.”

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