Five big B2B content marketing mistakes

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In 2011, marketers began saying that “content marketing is more important than advertising” and given the growth of content marketing in 2012, it would appear that they meant what they said.

And not just in the consumer space. Although selling content marketing to leadership has been a challenge for some B2B marketers, the use of content marketing at B2B organizations is growing rapidly.

As B2B marketers become more familiar with content marketing specifically,best practices are emerging. But that doesn’t mean that mistakes aren’t being made. Here are five of the biggest.

#1: Overemphasizing external distribution channels

Distribution is crucial to any successful content marketing effort and for an obvious reason: great content can’t deliver great results unless it finds its way into the hands of the right people.

Unfortunately, many companies overemphasize external distribution channels. While there’s a role for, say, press releases and social media, content marketing space, it’s important not to underestimate the importance of building up homegrown channels, such as your company’s own website. When used properly, a company website can be a powerful distribution channel and highly effective lead generator.

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